Quick procedures Immediate results
Quick procedures Immediate results
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Minimal pain<BR> Aftercare advice
Minimal pain
Aftercare advice
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Long-lasting <BR>effective results
effective results
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Little to <BR>no downtime
Little to
no downtime
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Carboxy Therapy

Reduce dark circles, stretch marks & cellulite


& Post-Treatment Review


by a Qualified Nurse

Procedure Time

30-45 Minutes


Visible Immediately

Minimal Pain

Numbing Cream

What Is Carboxy Therapy?

Also known as a carboxy facial or carboxy treatment, carboxy therapy is a non-surgical procedure used to treat stretch marks, dark circles under the eyes and cellulite. The process involves carbon dioxide being injected into the skin, which causes the body to instantly react. The body reacts by increasing the amount of blood flow to that area, and naturally increasing the flow of oxygen to that body part.

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Why Choose Swann Beauty For Carboxytherapy?

Here at Swann Beauty, we have a dedicated aesthetics nurse and experienced skin specialist ready to help you with all your skin concerns. Our team always aims for 100% customer satisfaction, from the minute you book your consultation. And it doesn’t stop after your carboxytherapy treatment – we provide tailored post-treatment aftercare to help you make the most of your treatment and bring in those results.

Our skincare procedures are quick and deliver long-lasting, effective results. Whether you choose Swann Beauty for carboxy therapy, microneedling or any other skin rejuvenation treatments, rest assured that you’ll always receive a 5 star service from our professionals.

Is Carboxy Therapy Right For You?

The innovative skin care treatment is ideal for anyone looking to improve the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, scarring or dark under-eye circles. If this sounds like you, then a carboxy facial could be exactly what you need! Get in touch with us to book your carboxytherapy session or to find out more today.

If you are experiencing other concerns with your skin and require expert advice or think another skincare treatment may be more suitable, our experts will be happy to help! They are equipped with tons of knowledge in the aesthetic field and their knowledge is at your disposal, whenever you may need it.

Carboxy Therapy Benefits

Carboxy therapy brings several benefits, including:
The primary cause of dark circles under the eyes is poor blood circulation. Thanks to its unique method, carboxy therapy works to improve blood circulation, therefore reducing dark circles under the eyes.


Frequently Asked

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The price of a carboxy therapy facial at Swann Beauty starts from just £40 per 30 minute session and ranges to £70 for larger parts of the body. Speak to one of our experts to find out how much your non-invasive carboxytherapy treatment will cost today.
Our skin specialists apply numbing cream to the face before treating, therefore when you have carboxytherapy at Swann Beauty, you will experience minimal pain. What’s more, each session of carboxytherapy will be quick and effective, leaving you ready for those amazing results.
Carboxy treatment results will last about 3 – 6 months. For this reason, we recommend getting your treatment done every 3 – 6 months. However, the exact period will depend from person to person. Speak to our aesthetic nurse or skin specialists in your consultation to discuss how often you will need carboxy therapy treatment.

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