Quick procedures Immediate results
Quick procedures Immediate results
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Minimal pain<BR> Aftercare advice
Minimal pain
Aftercare advice
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Long-lasting <BR>effective results
effective results
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Little to <BR>no downtime
Little to
no downtime
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Fat Freezing


& Post-Treatment Review


by a Qualified Nurse

Procedure Time

30-45 Minutes


Visible Immediately

Minimal Pain

Numbing Cream

What Is Fat Freezing?

This is important to note as it is a well-known misconception that weight loss and fat reduction are the same thing, in fact they are not and never will be.

When we lose weight from an area our fat cells become smaller but the actual number of fat cells we have remain the same, just reduced. When we gain weight these fat cells then become larger again, and so the sequence follows throughout our lifetime as we fluctuate, gain or lose weight.

What the Fat Freeze procedure does is actually reduce and remove the number of fat cells in the treated area, therefore rather than shrinking them to appear smaller like with weight loss by actually removing these cells they can never get bigger and are permanently removed.

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Is Fat Freezing Therapy Right For You?

Unlike weight loss surgery or other non-surgical weight loss procedures the results with Fat Freeze treatments last because once the fat cells are eliminated they are gone for good. Even if you don’t weigh less you’ll be thinner and your clothes will not only fit and feel better but you will look better.

When losing weight your fat cells only become smaller, they will never disappear, the number of cells is still the same. When you gain weight your fat cells become larger again. After Fat freezing treatments the treated areas have fewer fat cells in permanently and unlike what happens with other procedures there’s no change in fat cell distribution in untreated areas.


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