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Quick procedures Immediate results
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A number of unwanted skin blemishes can safely, easily and quickly be removed through electrolysis, such as thread veins, skin tags and lesions. Depending on the original size of the blemish, you may have minimal scarring after your treatment.*

How does electrolysis work?

The concept for treating skin blemishes is the same, although depending on the blemish, it may be a slightly different procedure. An extremely fine needle or probe will be introduced to the area before a very small current of electricity is passed along it.

This current will kill off the blood supply to the blemish so that it eventually dies and falls away. In the case of thread veins, the needle is placed under the skin and into the blood vessel itself. The electric current causes the blood vessel to coagulate and disappear.*

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Common skin blemishes

Here are the most common skin blemishes that electrolysis can easily remove:

Thread veins or broken capillaries- Despite the name, these blood vessels aren’t broken, but are permanently dilated. They often affect the face around the nose and cheeks. Thread veins are caused by a number of things, including ageing, smoking, acne rosacea, sunburn, sensitive skin, exposure to extreme temperatures and your genes.

Spider Naevi- This central blood spot is at the centre of a number of dilated capillaries, making it resemble a spider’s leg. They can occur on the face and body and often occur through pregnancy related high blood pressure or mechanical injury.

Moles- Any fleshy growth of the skin is a mole. Before you have any sort of mole removal procedure, it’s important to check the mole. If you have any question about the pathology of your mole, it’s essential to get medical confirmation that it’s safe to remove.

Hyper pigmentation or age spots- This light to dark brown pigmentation is most commonly seen on sun-exposed areas such as the hands, face and arms. They usually occur with sun exposure and ageing.

Milia- Often referred to as whiteheads, these small, hard white spots are easy to remove. Milia are made up of trapped keratin and with no surface opening; it just sits below the surface of the skin. As they’re made of keratin, these white rounded lumps don’t disperse like a spot. They’re usually found on the face around the eyes and cheeks.

Skin tags or filiform warts- Skin tags have the appearance of loose fibrous tissue and often occur in areas of friction, such as the underarm, neck and beneath the breast. Tear shaped, they’re connected to the main surface of the skin by a narrow section of skin tissue. Skin tags also appear on eyelids.

Campbell de Morgan or blood spots- The cause of bloodspots is unknown, but they appear on the torso and these bright red, smooth domes can vary in size.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis or seborrhoeic warts- Mainly found on the neck, face and torso, these benign growths have the scaly appearance of plaque and vary greatly in terms of size, colour and shape.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia- Occurring from adolescence onwards, these enlarged or blocked sebaceous glands are most commonly found on the face.

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Does electrolysis hurt?

Electrolysis is relatively pain-free, with many clients commenting that it doesn’t feel as bad as they were expecting. For a comparable sensation, imagine having a hair being plucked out. A little nip or sting is definitely bearable, and electrolysis offers a very quick way to remove your skin blemishes.*

How long do electrolysis treatments take?

Treatment time varies greatly depending on which skin blemish you’re having removed. For example, one small skin tag will take less time than mole removal. Generally, treatment sessions are quite short, but you may need multiple sessions to ensure the blemish has been completely removed.

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Common Skin Blemishes


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