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Quick procedures Immediate results
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Minimal pain
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Staying confident and feeling beautiful as you age is vital to your self esteem. With a number of ways you can maintain your body and skin it is all about knowing what works best for you. Don’t give up on a healthy lifestyle or let your beauty regimes slip at the sight of your first grey hair! Embrace your inner youth with these tips.

The Hair

Whether you plan to embrace your grey hair or cover it there are things you still need to do to look after your hair. Using a nourishing conditioner will prevent your hair from becoming dull or lifeless. Also avoid tying your hair back too tightly as this can cause damage to the hairs making them brittle, and often results in hair loss.

Keep having regular appointments at the hairdressers to avoid any lasting damage from split ends or to cover up your roots. If you are dying your hair do something that is right for you and makes you feel comfortable. Just don’t forget that grey is also a statement look, should you choose to keep it!

The Mouth

The ultimate attention-getter and a key focal point of your face. Keep your lips full and hydrated by regularly applying a lipbalm. Chapped and cracked lips are easily solved so there are no excuses! If you love to wear lipstick then there’s no need to give this up! Just try out what colours work best for you and your skin tone. A lot of older women live by subtlety or muted tones such as plums or browns, but opting for something bright is not off the cards either.

The Face

The way you apply your makeup can be an essential part of how you age. Flattering eye make-up to lift your eyes will help brighten your whole face. Be meticulous with your make-up choices and careful with your application, whether you opt for mascara, eyeliner and/or eyeshadow. Eyebrows shape your face so keeping them plucked and neat can also dramatically alter your look.

To keep your skin glowing, apply a daily moisturiser and/or anti-wrinkle cream. The creams will keep your skin stay looking fresh and young. If you are interested in more lasting skin treatments, have a look at the Aesthetic Treatments we can offer at Swann Beauty.

The Feet

Exfoliation is a must! Keep your feet feeling smooth by regularly pampering them with a good quality foot scrub and skin-repairing moisturiser. Everyone hates cracked heels or peeling skin so don’t let your feet do all the talking! With a lot of different pedicures and foot treatments on offer there will be something to suit any budget and ideals.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us here at Swann Beauty. Kelly Swann is an experienced Aesthetic Nurse with over thirteen years in the practice and understands how important it is to stay feeling beautiful and young. Book a consultation today!