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Worried about sun damage? Reverse the effects with a skin peel

Most of us love soaking up the summer sun. We feel happier and the vitamin B we get from sunlight is fantastic for our general health too. However the sun also causes damage to our skin. You probably can’t even see the damage that has happened as most it isn’t visible to the naked eye. Sunburn and freckles are the external signs of sun damage but they only tell a fraction of the story.
Skin Peels
One popular treatment for sun damaged skin in to use a chemical peel or skin peel. We offer several different formulas but the one we recommend for sun damage and hyperpigmentation is Skin Tech Easy Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peel.

Easy TCA peels are a powerful formula that must be administered by a nurse or doctor, not a beautician. However, when applied in the proper setting by a professional it is one of the safest peels and most effective peels.

An Easy TCA peel requires multiple applications over a period of about a month. If you choose this treatment you’ll need to visit once a week to have the peel applied. Following the application and removal of the peel your skin will begin to flake and peel, causing some irritation and revealing some redness. Although these results may look a little unpleasant your skin won’t experience any actual ‘downtime’, meaning you can go about your normal routine if you wish. There’s no need to stay away from sunlight. Each peel will target the uneven skin discolouration, lightening it and reducing the sun spots that have built up at the surface and deeper dermal layers.

Once treatment is complete your skin will look fresher, feel firmer and your sun spots will be greatly reduced.
Intense Pulsed Light
Intense […]

How to look better in a bikini this year

As your summer holiday approaches the thought of baring all in a bikini might be filling you with dread. If you’ve not managed to shift that winter weight yet then don’t panic! Read on to find out what you need to do in order to feel confident and happy in your bikini this summer…

It’s never too late to exercise: Even if your holiday is only a month away you can still achieve noticeable results if you start exercising now. Combine cardio exercise such as walking, running, and swimming, with strength and toning exercises like yoga and pilates. There are tutorials on YouTube to help you out. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise four to five times per week if you want to see good results.
Start eating better: If you want to look amazing in your bikini then it comes from the inside. The saying “you are what you eat” really is true; what you put into your body has a bearing on how you look on the outside. Aim to up your intake of healthy, lean proteins like fish and chicken, and choose wholegrain foods like brown rice, making sure to also include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet to ensure you get a good variety of vitamins and minerals.
Dry body brushing: If you’ve got a holiday coming up and want to look great in your bikini then start dry body brushing before you shower. Sweep the brush across your skin, in the direction of your heart. It helps to boost circulation and gets rid of dead skin cells, leaving your skin glowing. Make sure you follow your shower with a good moisturiser to replenish your skin’s moisture and […]

Get beach-ready with these beauty treatments

If your summer holiday is fast approaching and you haven’t stuck to that diet and exercise programme like you promised yourself you would, then fear not, you can still have the beach body you want! There are a variety of different beauty treatments that can get you looking and feeling your best pre-holiday…

1)      Hair removal: The last thing you want to do on holiday is spend hours in the hotel bathroom each day de-fuzzing your legs and bikini area. At Swann Beauty we offer Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal as a permanent solution to unwanted body hair. An intense pulse of light damages the hair follicles without causing any damage to the surrounding cells. If permanent hair removal isn’t for you then opt for waxing to remove the hairs from the root, giving you a couple of weeks before it grows back.

2)      Mesotherapy: This non-surgical treatment, offered here at Swann Beauty, is great for rejuvenating tired, sagging skin, and for lessening the appearance of cellulite before your holiday. A solution of vitamins and minerals are injected into the skin, dissolving fat and allowing it to pass out of the body, leaving you with smoother, healthier skin, and a slimmer appearance.

3)      Pedicure: On holiday you’ll be living in flip flops and sandals so it’s important to get your feet looking in tip-top shape before you bare them. You can help things at home by treating your feet to regular foot baths with Epsom salts, followed by a thick layer of moisturiser, then sleep in socks to lock the moisture in. Have a professional pedicure to make sure your toenails are neat and tidy, and ready to go on show.

4)      Tanning: There’s nothing worse than […]

Megawhite: the new way to whiten your teeth

Megawhite is the latest treatment to take the beauty world by storm. Celebrities including the stars of Hollyoaks, The Only Way is Essex, and Britain’s Next Top Model have all used and endorsed Megawhite because it whitens teeth with fantastic results.

What is Megawhite?

Many tooth whitening treatments use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains, but some studies have shown that this chemical may be carcinogenic and could weaken the teeth. Megawhite is different. It uses sodium bicarbonate to gently, yet thoroughly, lift stains out of the deep pores in your teeth.

How does Megawhite work?

The sodium bicarbonate solution is applied to the teeth via a gum shield which is inserted into the mouth. A laser is then directed at the gum shield where it activates the whitening formula, causing it to release oxygen and pressure. The oxygen and cleaning agents alter the colour of the teeth from brown/yellow to white without affecting the structure of the tooth’s enamel.

What happens after the treatment?

The treatment process shouldn’t last any longer than around 20 minutes so it’s the kind of treatment you can squeeze into your lunch hour! Everyone is different, but most people can expect to achieve average results of around 9 shades lighter, depending on the severity of the staining before treatment.

After treatment the pores on your teeth will remain open for around 30 minutes so it’s best to avoid eating until after that time, and try to stick to light coloured foods and drinks for the first 24 hours after treatment.

Most clients tend to have around three or four Megawhite treatments per year, usually before special occasions. The results are fairly long lasting, depending on your regular eating and drinking habits. If you enjoy red wine and […]