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Warning: 7 Foods That Making You Look Older

With the infamous saying ‘you’re not getting any younger’ don’t let time be your enemy when it comes to your diet. Certain foods and drinks aggravate skin and teeth over time, accelerating the aging process. At Swann Beauty we know how important it is to stay looking and feeling young. Have a look at these seven things you should try and cut out of your diet.


(via Huffington Post)



If you’re a fan of BBQs you may want to monitor how long you leave your meat to cook. The black char on meat can contain molecules that irritate skin and cause inflammation. Processed meats are also known to trigger skin inflammation, and the fat in red meats suffocates healthy cells, affecting your skin’s ability to protect itself. For a bigger impact, why not give veggies a go and swap up your diet?



A sugar-heavy diet will prevent your skin from staying firm and youthful. When you eat too much sugar for your cells to process, the excess sugar combines with proteins which then damage your skin’s collagen. To still satisfy a sweet tooth try setting a limit for your sweet allowance or drop how many sugars you put in your tea. Drink plenty of water afterwards to prevent rotting teeth.


Citrusy foods

In the same way that sugary foods and drinks have an impact on your skin and teeth, citrusy things can wear away your teeth’s protective coating of enamel. Citrus foods have high acid levels which can lead to dry skin and stained teeth. In moderation though eating citrus fruits has been associated with a lower risk of skin cancer.


Spicy food

Eating spicy food dilates your blood vessels so can have a particular impact during menopause. Blotchy, aging skin […]

Quick Tips On How To Make Your Eyes Brighter Naturally

With medicinal eyecreams, eyedrops and treatments it can be easy to forget more natural remedies. If you are working to a tight budget or want to take a more natural approach try out these ideas to make your eyes sparkle.


Boost your berries

Not only do they taste good and are healthy, berries are great for curing puffy and tired looking eyes. The antioxidants and vitamins in berries will boost your immune system and make your eyes appear brighter and healthy. As well as eating your strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, strawberries in particular can be placed under your eyes for extra health benefits.

Relax with a little cup of tea

Chilled green tea or black tea works wonders on your eyes. Soak your teabags and leave the water to cool before squeezing out any excess liquid and placing one teabag over each closed eyelid. The caffeine content in the tea will stimulate your body and decrease inflammation. This will help your circulation and make for tighter skin and more awake looking eyes.

A nice cucumber sandwich

Cold cucumber slices love your body. Cut a cucumber into thin slices and apply directly over closed eyelids. The high percentage of water in cucumber will help hydrate your eyes and the natural acids will soothe skin irritations and swelling. Raw and cold potato slices also work in a similar way.

Sleep tight, sweet dreams

One of the oldest tricks in the book, getting a good night’s sleep is essential for you and your eyes. Tiredness and a lack of sleep can result in irritated and dry eyes. Stick to a good sleeping routine which works for you. It might also help to sleep with an extra pillow: elevating your head a bit more will ease […]