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Quick procedures Immediate results
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Minimal pain
Aftercare advice
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5 Foods to eat for great skin
May 20, 2015
How to wash your face properly
July 10, 2015
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Our bodies are made up of around 70% water, and we all know that we need to stay hydrated in order to look and feel our best. However, did you also know that what you drink can have a big impact on your health and the quality of your skin. If your skin has been looking a little lacklustre lately then why not try consuming some of these drinks and see if you notice a difference

  • Water: Whilst moisturiser softens and plums your skin from the outside, water does it from the inside. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day will help to keep your body’s internal organs functioning, meaning that your liver and kidneys can get rid of toxins effectively. A well-hydrated body also means well-hydrated, glowing skin too. If you’re drinking enough water then your pee should be very pale yellow, almost clear. Dark urine is a sign of dehydration.
  • Green tea: Whether you love it or hate it, green tea is a powerful beverage! It contains high levels of polyphenols and catechins that help to protect the skin from UV radiation by decreasing the chances of sunburn. Green tea is also renowned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Adding honey or lemon can help to make green tea taste a bit more appealing.
  • Soy milk: This dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk contains isoflavones that help to protect the skin’s collagen, which is what keeps skin looking youthful. Studies have also found that soy can help to defend against the formation of wrinkles that are caused by sunlight. Try swapping your regular latte for a soy latte and see if you notice any of the great skin benefits.
  • Fresh juices: Store-bought juices tend to be made from concentrate and have a high sugar content so they’re not as healthy as manufacturers would have you believe. Fresh-squeezed juices are much better for you as they contain all the good stuff without any additives.