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Top 5 Winter Beauty Tips
November 7, 2014
Summer skincare tips
April 24, 2015
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Make 2015 all about you by putting your beauty and health first. Looking after your skin on a daily basis is extremely important in order to look and feel beautiful. Our skin suffers a lot more with the winter chill so make sure you are stricter with your regime. Start the year off how you would like to continue it by following our guidance at Swann Beauty to implement these things into your regime.




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Go makeup free for a day

It may seem scary but you will feel so much better for it once you try. Going makeup free will let your skin breathe easier without the layer of beauty products. No matter how natural or sensitive your cosmetics, every time you wear them you end up clogging your pores. Say no to makeup just for a day and give your skin that much needed rest away from harsh chemicals. Don’t be afraid of your skin makeup free either, feel liberated!


Try out face masks

Although we wouldn’t recommend using them all the time, treating yourself to a face mask can seriously hydrate your skin. The best time to use one is at the weekend so that you can start the next week with a glowing complexion.  Avoid using these too regularly though as the deep cleanse has the potential to strip your skin of its natural oils which are essential. Opt for a face mask with avocado or coconut for the ultimate cleanse and gorgeous smell.



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Think green tea

Green tea works wonders on your skin and is great for your health in its normal drinking form too. Get the most out of your teabags by doubling up the hot drink with your beauty regime. Green tea can be applied in many different ways to rejuvenate tired or dry skin. Simply wait for the tea to cool before splashing green tea on your face like you would water then rinsing it off, using the teabag to ease dark eyes or puffiness, or introducing a dash of tea into your regular moisturiser and face wash.


Remember sun cream

We know that the winter weather is still upon us at the moment but being wise with the sun and protecting our skin is vital. Consider buying a foundation that includes SPF, for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays on a daily basis. As the weather starts to warm up always remember to apply sun cream. The places that usually get forgotten and burn the quickest are the shoulders, ears, nose and feet. Just sticking to an SPF foundation in the summer really isn’t good enough!


Let the New Year equal a new you and benefit from beautiful skin by sticking to these rules. For more beauty tips and tricks have a look through the rest of our blog. At Swann Beauty we are professionally trained in beauty treatments. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.