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October 22, 2014
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January 8, 2015
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Staying beautiful and feeling healthy over the winter months can be hard. With the bitter chill and increased sickness your beauty regime needs to be extra tough to keep you feeling and looking fresh. At Swann Beauty we offer practical beauty solutions with our Advanced Aesthetic treatments, but there are a few things you can do at home too.


Choose natural ingredients



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Particularly during winter, opting for products with natural ingredients will give your skin a better boost. Almond, coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba are all sensitive on skin and completely natural. Look closely at labels before you buy products as even some products labelled sensitive contain certain bad ingredients. Avoid products with alcohol or sodium lauryl sulphate which can both dehydrate your skin.


Be kind to hands and feet

The skin on your hands is one of the thinnest areas on your body, with fewer oil glands making it harder to hold onto moisture. Cold weather can dry out your skin even more so it is important to look after your hands in order to avoid itchiness and cracking. A sensitive hand and nail moisturiser will work wonders.


Feet should also be thoroughly moisturised with something a little stronger to tackle winter weather. If you’re constantly on the go, neglecting your feet can lead to sore and tired skin. Try lotions with petroleum jelly or glycerine rather than simple minty ones. They will work faster and sink deeper.


Moisturise strategically

Cold winds and dry air from heaters can have a serious effect on your skin and hair. Apply moisturiser at least thirty minutes before you leave the house to protect your skin against the air. Be careful with certain oils for your face though as some are known to clog pores and lock in grease rather than moisture. Soften the skin on your legs too by moisturising when you get out of the shower. Hot water washes away a lot of the skin’s natural oils so try not to turn the shower up too high either.


Keep a chapstick in your bag



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Everyone knows that the winter months can be particularly stressful and with stress comes sores. Your immune system is likely to take a blow and the humid indoor temperatures encourage bacteria and viruses to spread. Always keep a lip balm handy and try not to lick your lips. Forever on show, your lips are one of the first things to become chapped so choose a balm with moisturising ingredients.


Avoid wet clothing and shoes

You might not have a spare pair or set but wearing damp clothing or shoes can irritate your skin. Always have a backup in case your washing doesn’t dry in time or you get wet during the day. Try and change out of wet clothing as soon as you can. The wet will most likely make you colder, resulting in the possible outbreak of sickness.


Have a look at our full range of beauty solutions here at Swann Beauty. Whether you are looking for anti-aging treatments or skin care & peels for the winter, our specialist nurse, Kelly Swann, can help. Simply get in touch today. For more beauty advice and tips have a look through the rest of our blog.