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The pros and cons of lip fillers

Having plump, full lips is often considered to be a sign of good health, youth, and beauty. Whether you were born with naturally thin lips, have one lip bigger than the other, or are finding that the natural ageing process is causing your lips to thin, you don’t have to settle for your lot. Here at Swann Beauty we offer a lip filling service which can help you to achieve natural looking, plumper lips with a quick and easy procedure. […]

4 beauty hacks to see you through winter

Autumn is well under way now, and winter is just around the corner. That means cosy nights by the fire drinking hot chocolate, getting wrapped up in big comfy jumpers, and stepping out in cute hat and scarf combos. However, it also means that your skin and hair are going to take a bit of a beating. But don’t worry, we’ve found a few clever beauty hacks that will help you stay looking gorgeous throughout the cold season […]

What to eat to beat the bloat

Bloating happens when fluid or gas builds up between your body’s cells, and most commonly affects the abdominal area, although other parts of your body can also be affected. Abdominal bloating can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable; your stomach distends and makes your clothes feel tighter, leaving you feeling self-conscious and sluggish. […]

How to wash your face properly

If your facial skin is looking a bit lacklustre, or you’re suffering from a bout of acne, it might be time to take a look at how you’re cleansing it. Your skin changes as you age, so your cleansing routine should evolve with it. If you had great skin when you were younger you might have been able to get away with washing it with soap and an old flannel. However if your skin is no longer looking as fresh and radiant as it used to then a change in your cleansing routine could be just what it needs […]

4 things you should be drinking for better skin

Our bodies are made up of around 70% water, and we all know that we need to stay hydrated in order to look and feel our best. However, did you also know that what you drink can have a big impact on your health and the quality of your skin. If your skin has been looking a little lacklustre lately then why not try consuming some of these drinks and see if you notice a difference […]

5 Foods to eat for great skin

When it comes to your skin, the old saying is true: you are what you eat. At Swann Beauty we provide a variety of cosmetic services such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and skin peels to keep you looking your best. However, all the treatments in the world won’t matter if you’re not looking after your skin from the inside too! […]

Summer skincare tips

Having a tan makes us look slimmer, healthier, and makes us feel good about ourselves. But is a natural sun tan worth the risk of skin cancer? We all know the dangers of the sun, yet each summer many of us take the risk and sunbathe without adequate protection. […]

Beauty Advice To Save Your Skin In 2015

Make 2015 all about you by putting your beauty and health first. Looking after your skin on a daily basis is extremely important in order to look and feel beautiful. Our skin suffers a lot more with the winter chill so make sure you are stricter with your regime. Start the year off how you would like to continue it by following our guidance at Swann Beauty to implement these things into your regime. […]

Top 5 Winter Beauty Tips

Staying beautiful and feeling healthy over the winter months can be hard. With the bitter chill and increased sickness your beauty regime needs to be extra tough to keep you feeling and looking fresh. At Swann Beauty we offer practical beauty solutions with our Advanced Aesthetic treatments, but there are a few things you can do at home too.


Choose natural ingredients


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Particularly during winter, opting for products with natural ingredients will give your skin a better boost. Almond, coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba are all sensitive on skin and completely natural. Look closely at labels before you buy products as even some products labelled sensitive contain certain bad ingredients. Avoid products with alcohol or sodium lauryl sulphate which can both dehydrate your skin.


Be kind to hands and feet

The skin on your hands is one of the thinnest areas on your body, with fewer oil glands making it harder to hold onto moisture. Cold weather can dry out your skin even more so it is important to look after your hands in order to avoid itchiness and cracking. A sensitive hand and nail moisturiser will work wonders.


Feet should also be thoroughly moisturised with something a little stronger to tackle winter weather. If you’re constantly on the go, neglecting your feet can lead to sore and tired skin. Try lotions with petroleum jelly or glycerine rather than simple minty ones. They will work faster and sink deeper.


Moisturise strategically

Cold winds and dry air from heaters can have a serious effect on your skin and hair. Apply moisturiser at least thirty minutes before you leave the house to protect your skin against the air. Be careful with certain oils for your face though as some are known […]

Warning: 7 Foods That Making You Look Older

With the infamous saying ‘you’re not getting any younger’ don’t let time be your enemy when it comes to your diet. Certain foods and drinks aggravate skin and teeth over time, accelerating the aging process. At Swann Beauty we know how important it is to stay looking and feeling young. Have a look at these seven things you should try and cut out of your diet.


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If you’re a fan of BBQs you may want to monitor how long you leave your meat to cook. The black char on meat can contain molecules that irritate skin and cause inflammation. Processed meats are also known to trigger skin inflammation, and the fat in red meats suffocates healthy cells, affecting your skin’s ability to protect itself. For a bigger impact, why not give veggies a go and swap up your diet?



A sugar-heavy diet will prevent your skin from staying firm and youthful. When you eat too much sugar for your cells to process, the excess sugar combines with proteins which then damage your skin’s collagen. To still satisfy a sweet tooth try setting a limit for your sweet allowance or drop how many sugars you put in your tea. Drink plenty of water afterwards to prevent rotting teeth.


Citrusy foods

In the same way that sugary foods and drinks have an impact on your skin and teeth, citrusy things can wear away your teeth’s protective coating of enamel. Citrus foods have high acid levels which can lead to dry skin and stained teeth. In moderation though eating citrus fruits has been associated with a lower risk of skin cancer.


Spicy food

Eating spicy food dilates your blood vessels so can have a particular impact during menopause. Blotchy, aging skin […]