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Quick procedures Immediate results
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If you’re considering getting lip fillers you’ve most likely wondered how long it will take for your lip fillers to heal & what the process is like. Here at Swann Beauty we offer a lip filling service which helps you achieve natural looking lips that are plumper; all done through an easy procedure.

 You can discuss an appropriate recovery plan with your consultant but we aim to answer the most common healing questions for you within this post.

How long do lip fillers take to heal?

Healing recovery time for your lip fillers will vary depending on each person and the type of filler that is injected. You can go about your daily activities from the moment you leave the building, but you should avoid strenuous exercise for the first 28-48 hours in order to let the swelling and any bruising calm down.

The recovery time is almost instant; you may feel a little tingling at the injection site afterwards but other than that you can go about your day. You may be advised to massage the area if you feel any lumps in the injected areas. 


What will I look like after I have the lip filler procedure?

Again, this will depends on the individual, the type and size of the filler. Typically your lips will immediately appear bigger than the end result. This is because they will swell first and then reduce to their correct size.

The swelling and bruising can be anywhere from mild to severe, depending on the person. If the swelling continues for more than a few days, contact the consultant that conducted the procedure.

Some patients can experience swelling for about a week or so and lips may look uneven at this point. It’s important to remember that the immediate effects after the treatment do not reflect the final result.

What products help with lip filler healing?

You’ll mainly have to let nature take its course, but there are a few things that can help.

·         Apply cold compression: This will numb the area to help with the pain and tenderness that you have as a result of the inflammation.

·         Arnica Cream: This cream will help with the bruising. It is prepared from the alpine plant Arnica Montana, which is a topical herbal remedy.

How long will my lip fillers last?

The results are temporary, so you’ll need to have the procedure done 2 or 3 times a year if you want to maintain your plump lips. On average, the results are likely to remain for around 6 to 9 months. This can be costly and time-consuming so it’s best to considering if you have the money and time to keep having the procedure. 

Will getting lip fillers leave scars or marks?

The treatment is non-invasive and won’t leave any unsightly scars on your face.

There have been rare scenarios where the filler has entered into the blood vessel; leaving a scar. However, if you get the procedure done professionally and through an accredited & trained company, this should not happen.

If you have a previous history of getting cold sores, the injection can trigger an outbreak. This can be avoided by taking the appropriate medication before the procedure.


We hope that we have answered the questions you were wondering about the healing process of getting lip fillers. You can read more about lip fillers and our service on our dermal fillers page.

However, if you have any more questions you can contact us through the contact form or through email at swannpty@talktalk.net


If you’d prefer to call us on 01782 938108 / 07824905545 we’d be more than happy to talk more about our lip filler procedure. 

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